jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Just for a walk

   White jeans the perfect choice

Beyonce for H&M Summer 2013


Hi girls I've seen this summer new collection from H & M and I loved it, and in my opinion have chosen the perfect person to represent them! 

Beyoncé will be back on stage with the start of his world tour 'Mrs. Carter Show. "Which will be his return to the stage after her motherhood, also just confirmed his signing as the new face of H & M for this summer 2013.

Eyeliners Types - Tipos delineadores

K- hol: They usually take the form of pencils, are the most common to draw the line on the inside of the eye. They are made with kohl powder and mine is very soft and smooth so as not to damage the water line.

-Kajal: Surely more than once you've mistaken khol pencil. And you're not misguided, is kohl's pasta that is saved in a bar, is also a pencil. It is very easy to apply and the result is beautiful, but its biggest drawback is that it runs more easily. So if you have oily skin or eyes often you mourn when your makeup, forget about it.

-Automatic Pencils: These pencils do not need to use a pencil sharpener to have mine ready. The same package provides you with this process. They use a different mine earlier it looks tougher and stronger in tone. They are ideal for inside the eye to the outside. Also outlined out the very easy to do with them since being hard are handled very well.

sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

Sorteo Collar Danielle Confeccion

Si quieres lucir este collar no te pierdas este sorteo !!

Hola Chicas, bueno comentaros que Danielle Confección tiene sorteo ! El premio es un collar de la última colección Primavera Verano 2013.

Sí quieres particiar es muy fácil, solo hay que cumplir tres requisitos:

1º Hazte fan de la página de Facebook Danielle Confección 
2º Comparte la foto del sorteo
3º Comenta la misma foto

Las personas que no cumplan con los 3 requisitos quedarán descartadas del sorteo.
El sorteo se realizara con la herramienta online random.org el día 1/05/2013
Máximo de participantes 100 personas,
Las primeras 100 personas entrarán en el sorteo. 

*** Envío gratuito a España 

Suerte !!